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OKACHIM - Delivery

Logistics is one of the key elements of pricing in the supply of chemical raw materials. We supply raw materials by sea, rail and road, and we do our best to guarantee our customers the best price.

Own fleet

Most of our products require special handling, as they are dangerous to transport. We have our own fleet of vehicles with a load capacity from 3 to 20 tons. All our vehicles are equipped to transport dangerous goods, and our regular drivers are trained and have the appropriate clearance.

Hired transport

We purchase a large number of services related to cargo transportation. We use the services of major foreign and Russian transport companies to deliver products by trucks, tankers, and tank containers. We have extensive experience in loading railway containers and wagons. Our key partners in the field of logistics:

Transport company

We deliver cargo to the terminals of transport companies engaged in the transportation of bulk cargo. Our partners are the largest representatives of the market:

We are constantly looking for new solutions in the field of logistics and are open to cooperation with freight forwarding companies of any profile.